CO-WC and Pure Pause: A Creative Partnership for Inclusive Spaces

CO-WC: A Symbol of Diversity and Inclusion

CO-WC, a cultural and human project, advocates for all-gender restrooms and an inclusive society. Aiming to overcome outdated toilet cultures, CO-WC promotes progressive thinking and vibrant engagement with gender and identity. Through the partnership with Pure Pause, CO-WC expands its reach and impact by being present in a creative and dynamic environment.

Pure Pause: A Space for Creativity and Innovation

Pure Pause offers a versatile venue in Berlin, perfectly suited for workshops, productive meetings, and creative seminars. With capacity for up to 45 people, interactive areas, writable walls, and modular furniture, active and creative participation is encouraged. In this inspiring setting, the CO-WC sign is used as an example of creative design and a stimulus for innovation.

The Significance of the Partnership

This cooperation between CO-WC and Pure Pause is more than just a spatial collaboration. It symbolizes a shared vision for an open and respectful society. In the facilities of Pure Pause, the CO-WC sign is not only placed on toilets but also used as an integral part of the workshops to encourage discussions about diversity and inclusion. This partnership reflects a joint commitment to social change and cultural innovation, providing a platform where both conceptual and physical barriers can be broken down.


The collaboration between CO-WC and Pure Pause represents an innovative step in not just physically, but also socially redesigning spaces. It shows how creative spaces can actively contribute to challenging societal norms and promoting a more inclusive world. This partnership will surely serve as an inspiring model for others looking to follow similar paths and sets new standards for what is possible in creative and public spaces.

This partnership ensures that creative venues like Pure Pause not only serve as places for meeting and collaboration but also as arenas for societal impact and the promotion of inclusivity.


Platz der Luftbrücke
Dudenstrasse 10, 10965 Berlin-Kreuzberg
+49 (0) 30 602 604 70

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