Lesbian and Gay City Festival: CO-WC’s Vibrant Symbol of Diversity

Engaging the Community and Enhancing Awareness

Annually, CO-WC proudly participates in the Berlin Lesbian and Gay City Festival. We utilize this vibrant event as a platform to network and interact. Initially, back in 2016, an informative CO-WC booth was the main attraction. However, nowadays our involvement has expanded to include interviewing festival-goers. These conversations provide us with direct insights into the community’s views on crucial issues such as inclusion and the CO-WC project.

Interactive Fun with the All-Gender Lenticular Sign

This year, we continued showcasing our interactive all-gender lenticular sign. The festival attendees enjoyed interacting with the display, which was not only entertaining but also sparked meaningful discussions on topics such as unisex toilets, discrimination, diversity, and gender issues. Many attendees praised its innovative approach.

Voices and Impressions of the Festival

We’ve captured the essence of the festival in a compelling video. It blends the vibrant party atmosphere with snippets from our engaging interviews and interactions with the community. This video highlights the dynamic vibe of the festival and the impactful conversations sparked by our CO-WC initiative. We invite you to watch this video to experience firsthand the community’s support and enthusiasm for inclusion and diversity.

Join Us in Promoting Inclusivity

Our commitment to a more inclusive society continues, and your involvement is vital. By watching and sharing the video, you help propagate messages of equality and acceptance. Dive into the festival’s highlights, share your thoughts, and actively contribute to the change with CO-WC.

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