CO-WC Celebrates Diversity: The Inspiring CANDY Exhibition in Berlin

An Inspiring Night
The CO-WC team was thrilled to attend the grand opening of „CANDY Magazine: A Celebration of Trans-Everything“ at St. Agnes Church in Berlin, Germany. The event showcased not just interesting exhibits but also the spirit of inclusivity that defines the transgender community.

Deep Insights
During the event, we engaged in meaningful conversations with Luis Venegas, the editor of CANDY Magazine. Luis Venegas shared insights into the development of the magazine and its role in portraying transgender lifestyles. We also discussed how well CO-WC aligns with the themes of the exhibition.

Powerful Messages
CANDY Magazine, known for its vibrant portrayal of trans and androgynous identities, perfectly supports CO-WC’s mission to promote acceptance. With powerful editorials, CANDY breaks down traditional norms and celebrates diversity in all its forms. The exhibition clearly demonstrated the magazine’s impact and how it encourages individuals to embrace their true identity.

An Unforgettable Experience
The night was a celebration of all things trans and reflected the ongoing changes in society regarding gender diversity. The impressive backdrop of St. Agnes Church, known for its brutalist architecture, made the event truly unforgettable.

Join Us
We thank Luis Venegas and the 032c team for an inspiring evening. We invite our readers to explore the transformative world of CANDY Magazine and support the mission of CO-WC. Together, we can create a more inclusive society.

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