Unisex Toilet at Smart Deli with CO-WC sign

Smart Deli’s Commitment to Inclusion

Located in the heart of Berlin Mitte, the vibrant Japanese restaurant Smart Deli demonstrates its commitment to inclusion by featuring a CO-WC sign on its unisex toilet. This initiative highlights the restaurant’s effort to create a welcoming atmosphere for all guests.

Collaboration and Community Engagement

At Smart Deli, guests can not only enjoy homemade dishes and explore a selection of appealing Japanese items but can also directly interact with the CO-WC sign. The CO-WC initiative collaborates with various locations in Berlin, including the Korean restaurant Gong Gan, known for its artistic design. All participating locations are committed to creating a discrimination-free space.

Symbol of Equality and Awareness

The CO-WC sign at the unisex toilet in Smart Deli is more than just functional; it stands as a symbol of equality and inclusivity. It encourages guests to think about gender diversity and supports the societal trend towards greater awareness and inclusion.

Leadership in Berlin’s Culinary Scene

These changes establish Smart Deli as a leader in Berlin’s diverse culinary landscape. By adopting such inclusive measures, Smart Deli not only enhances customer satisfaction but also sets standards for other businesses in the industry.

Inspiring Inclusivity in Hospitality

In Berlin, a city known for its cultural openness, Smart Deli’s proactive approach has a particularly strong impact. The restaurant demonstrates that true hospitality extends beyond excellent food—it’s about creating a space where everyone feels valued. This commitment not only enhances Smart Deli’s reputation but also inspires greater inclusivity across the hospitality industry.

Be sure to observe the CO-WC sign on the toilet door during your visit to see these commitments in action.

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