The CO-WC sign is now hanging in Stadtmuseum Berlin

Stadtmuseum Berlin Embraces CO-WC Symbol

In the spirit of openness and diversity, Stadtmuseum Berlin has made a clear statement by introducing the CO-WC symbol to its All-Gender Toilette. This innovative concept, „Come Out of Water Closet,“ is now an integral part of the facilities of this cultural gem.

Breaking with Tradition: CO-WC Challenges Old Norms

The CO-WC symbol, transforming traditional pictograms into a wobbling image, signifies more than just a departure from old norms. It encourages playful engagement with one’s own identity.

Trailblazing Support: Stadtmuseum Berlin Advocates for Gender Diversity

We are delighted that Stadtmuseum Berlin GmbH, renowned for its pioneering efforts in openness and modernity, supports this groundbreaking symbol for gender diversity. A heartfelt thanks to Dr. Christopher Vorwerk, Managing Director of Stadtmuseum Berlin GmbH, and Idil Efe, Diversity Officer in the Directorate, for championing this positive change.

Discover the Bridge: CO-WC Symbol at Stadtmuseum Berlin

Visit Stadtmuseum Berlin to explore fascinating stories of the city and witness how the CO-WC symbol serves as a bridge between the past and the future.

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