CO-WC and Pure Pause: A Creative Partnership for Inclusive Spaces

CO-WC: A Symbol of Diversity and Inclusion CO-WC, a cultural and human project, advocates for all-gender restrooms and an inclusive society. Aiming to overcome outdated toilet cultures, CO-WC promotes progressive thinking and vibrant engagement with gender and identity. Through the partnership with Pure Pause, CO-WC expands its reach and impact by being present in a […]

Lesbian and Gay City Festival: CO-WC’s Vibrant Symbol of Diversity

Engaging the Community and Enhancing Awareness Annually, CO-WC proudly participates in the Berlin Lesbian and Gay City Festival. We utilize this vibrant event as a platform to network and interact. Initially, back in 2016, an informative CO-WC booth was the main attraction. However, nowadays our involvement has expanded to include interviewing festival-goers. These conversations provide […]

CO-WC Celebrates Diversity: The Inspiring CANDY Exhibition in Berlin

An Inspiring NightThe CO-WC team was thrilled to attend the grand opening of „CANDY Magazine: A Celebration of Trans-Everything“ at St. Agnes Church in Berlin, Germany. The event showcased not just interesting exhibits but also the spirit of inclusivity that defines the transgender community. Deep InsightsDuring the event, we engaged in meaningful conversations with Luis […]

Unisex Toilet at Smart Deli with CO-WC sign Smart Deli’s Commitment to Inclusion Located in the heart of Berlin Mitte, the vibrant Japanese restaurant Smart Deli demonstrates its commitment to inclusion by featuring a CO-WC sign on its unisex toilet. This initiative highlights the restaurant’s effort to create a welcoming atmosphere for all guests. Collaboration and Community Engagement At Smart Deli, guests […]

The CO-WC sign is now hanging in Stadtmuseum Berlin

Stadtmuseum Berlin Embraces CO-WC Symbol In the spirit of openness and diversity, Stadtmuseum Berlin has made a clear statement by introducing the CO-WC symbol to its All-Gender Toilette. This innovative concept, „Come Out of Water Closet,“ is now an integral part of the facilities of this cultural gem. Breaking with Tradition: CO-WC Challenges Old Norms […]

Interview with René Mertens from Lesbian and Gay Federation in Germany

CO-WC: Hello René Mertens. What is the Lesbian and Gay Federation in Germany (Lesben- und Schwulenverband in Deutschland aka LSVD)? René Mertens: The LSVD sees itself as a civil rights association and represents the interests and concerns of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender and intersex people (LGBTI). Human rights, diversity and respect — with this motto we campaign […]

Interview with Andreas Romeike in Sharehaus Refugio Berlin

We are happy to introduce CO-WC’s new partner Refugio Berlin, a Sharehaus organized by Berliner Stadtmission. Embracing 40 people from all over the world living together and supporting each other, it’s become a place of openness and respect, giving and sharing. From now on, you will see our sign on the door of the unisex bathroom […]